Fibaro Home Center 2 : new review (release 4.x)

May 22nd, 2016

After many problems with the Fibaro Home Center 2 in my previous house, I replaced it by Indigo Domotics
This soft allowed me to fix any problems of dead nodes that pushed me away from the Fibaro HC2.
Unfortunately, Indigo Domotics does not have a user interface as neat as that of Fibaro.

So, I decide to give Fibaro HC2 a new try, I reinstall my Fibaro box, easily reassociate all my Z-Wave modules and set up a few "scenes" to test it again (in its latest release 4.x)
Today, It's been a few months since I exclusively use the Fibaro HC2 and I must say I am delighted. Dead nodes are gone, all modules respond well and I enjoy the pleasant interface, whether on a computer or a smartphone.

I especially use a lot the alarm module, it's very comfortable to keep an eye on my home when away. Some motion sensors, door opening modules and an IP camera are enough and it's very simple to set it up.
In my previous review of the Fibaro HC2, I also pointed the lack of logs and diagnostics tools, these features are now integrated in release 4.x of HC2 and it’s a very good addition.

Plugins are too available in 4.x and can be used to configure third-party products (my Netatmo weather station, my D-Link IP camera… for example) with a few clicks. It’s much easier and faster than manual integration of these devices in HC2.

Fibaro finally solved the main issue of the Home Center 2 (dead nodes), it took time, but the result is there : the Home Center 2 is now a very reliable home automation system, with a great and nice looking user interface. So, I am very happy to write a new and much more positive review of this lovely home automation box.

A la recherche d’un meilleur contrôle de mes données personnelles

October 31st, 2015

Comme beaucoup, j’étais un grand utilisateur des produits Google : le moteur de recherche bien sûr, mais aussi Chrome, Google Drive, GMail (et Picasa à l’époque). Ce sont des produits performants, agréables à utiliser, parfois novateurs qui ont su s’imposer par leur simplicité et leur qualité.

Néanmoins, agacé par les publicités un peu trop ciblées à mon goût, de plus en plus attentif aux questions liées au respect de la vie privée, alerté par quelques : “si c’est gratuit, c’est que le produit c’est nous”, je me suis mis en tête de petit à petit m’affranchir des services de Google et plus largement de privilégier les services mettant le respect de la vie privée au coeur de leurs préoccupations et surtout n’utilisant pas mes données personnelles à des fins commerciales.

Pour de tels services, je me suis dis que j’étais prêt à payer et avec plaisir !

Conforté dans ma démarche par quelques lectures intéressantes dont :à_cacher_%28arg………

je me suis donc mis à la recherche de services alternatifs, en mettant un point d’honneur à ne pas faire de concession quant à la qualité et la rapidité. Point important également, je ne me suis attardé que sur des services parfaitement légaux et reconnus.

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Netatmo thermostat installed

October 31st, 2015

This week, my plumber installed my new Netatmo thermostat. For now, I am very satisfied. The application (web and mobile) is very complete and perfectly matches my expectations.

The selection criteria for this product were:

  • Wireless connection between the boiler control module (relay) and the thermostat (the boiler is in the garage at home and the thermostat in the living room)
  • API available to retrieve data from the thermostat (in order to publish some information on this site for example…)